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    [Declined] Thomas_Parcher's Application



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    [Declined] Thomas_Parcher's Application

    Message  Thomas_Parcher le Dim 11 Mai 2014 - 0:30

    Nickname: Thomas_Parcher
    Age: 21
    Country: United States of America
    ID Steam (The ID with which you connect yourself to Steam):
    Jack of All Trades - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997985975

    Short presentation of yourself:
    I am a college undergraduate student of mechanical engineering.  As a player, most of my experience is from public siege servers; I usually play as line infantry or guard for use of the bayonet, occasionally light infantry or rifleman if the terrain does not suit melee.  Most of my kills are from melee, and most of those with bayonet.  I am agressive in combat when I think it will do the most good, but I avoid charging wastefully.  Beginning to tire of the sometimes cowardly or wild behavior on the public servers, I seek experience in a more disciplined and courteous community.

    Napoleonic Wars experience:
    I've been playing Napoleonic Wars for about 1.5 years - M&B Warband for about 2 years.

    Do you have Teamspeak ? If not, would you require help to install/configurate it:
    No.  Just a few pointers would be nice.

    Were you part of another regiment before applying in the 14e, if yes, which one and what rank:

    Would you be willing to participate to a mensual contribution ( 2 euros ) to pay the 14e server:
    Sounds fair and within my means.

    How do you know about the 14e?
    I was spotted by AmerTume; he said this regiment is looking for infantry and grenadiers.

    Have you bought the Napoleonic Wars DLC?

    Are you an active player? Be precise, this is the most important question of the form
    I play about 6-8 hours weekly when busy, more when free.

    Have you read the main 14e rules? (Click on spoiler to read them).

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    Re: [Declined] Thomas_Parcher's Application

    Message  Nock le Dim 11 Mai 2014 - 0:39

    Welcome  Very Happy 

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    Re: [Declined] Thomas_Parcher's Application

    Message  badsheep le Dim 11 Mai 2014 - 1:28

    Thank you for showing an interest in the 14e.
    First thing first, add Verdieb, Hamdalf and crigolax on steam.
    We'll ask of you to show yourself on the 14e Regiment Teamspeak for an oral interview with members of the Commanding Staff.
    If you do not have Teamspeak, you will be able to download it at this adress:
    If you have any problem regarding Teamspeak, you can contact me on Steam.
    An answer will be given to you regarding your integration at the end of this interview.
    The TS adress is :14e.verygames.net
    Thanks to show the:
    Hamlenain will call you.

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    Re: [Declined] Thomas_Parcher's Application

    Message  Hamlenain le Lun 12 Mai 2014 - 19:29

    Thank you for getting in touch with me via steam, indeed your -5GMT timezone would mean Linebattles in the middle of the work day. It would make it impossible for you to attend the events but thank you for your time and interest, best of luck in future.

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    Re: [Declined] Thomas_Parcher's Application

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