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Rappel : Le 14e Régiment n'est plus présent sur Napoleonic Wars mais en tant que team multi gaming (que vous pouvez toujours rejoindre)

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Groupe multi Gaming anciennement présent sur Napoleonic Wars

    [Accepted] [Application] Praetor



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    Date d'inscription : 30/07/2014

    [Accepted] [Application] Praetor

    Message  Praetor le Mer 30 Juil 2014 - 21:30

    Nickname: Whatever
    Country: England
    ID Steam (The ID with which you connect yourself to Steam): Praetor (http://steamcommunity.com/id/praetorultor/)
    Short presentation of yourself: I'm mature (for the most part), enjoy playing games in a social way, and tend to take things pretty seriously.
    Napoleonic Wars experience: Been playing a few months, though I've never been part of a regiment. I'm not half bad in a melee and a good shot, especially with a rifle.
    Do you have Teamspeak ? If not, would you require help to install/configurate it: I do have TS3.
    Were you part of another regiment before applying in the 14e, if yes, which one and what rank: None
    Would you be willing to participate to a mensual contribution ( 2 euros ) to pay the 14e server: If I decide I really like the 14e yes, but not instantly upon joining
    How do you know about the 14e?: Saw them in a game, was offered the chance to join so I did
    Have you bought the Napoleonic Wars DLC?: I have
    Are you an active player?: For the most part, yes. I work and have university commitments, but I'm on most days for a good few hours.
    Have you read the main 14e rules?: Yes.

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    Re: [Accepted] [Application] Praetor

    Message  SherlockCat le Mer 30 Juil 2014 - 21:33

    Thank you for showing an interest in the 14e.
    First thing first, add Verdieb, SherlockCat and AngryPineapple on steam.
    We'll ask of you to show yourself on the 14e Regiment Teamspeak for an oral interview with members of the Commanding Staff.
    If you do not have Teamspeak, you will be able to download it at this adress:
    If you have any problem regarding Teamspeak, you can contact me on Steam.
    An answer will be given to you regarding your integration at the end of this interview.
    The TS adress is :14e.verygames.net
    Thanks to show on: Thursday 30th July

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    Re: [Accepted] [Application] Praetor

    Message  SherlockCat le Mer 30 Juil 2014 - 22:12

    I have the pleasure to announce you that you are accepted into the 14e.
    You will begin as a Cadet: ( 14e_Cdt_YourNickname )
    Here's a screenshot of the flag you must choose in your character's edition on Napoleonic Wars:

    (Gold grenade on red background) on the third page.
    Thank you for being connected as much as possible on the  ts when you are online. The ts adress is:  14e.verygames.net (channel 14e)

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    Localisation : Netherlands

    Re: [Accepted] [Application] Praetor

    Message  TheAngrypineapple le Mer 30 Juil 2014 - 23:16


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    Re: [Accepted] [Application] Praetor

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